Anyone who is hungry is more vulnerable to the cold, and in the Arctic, a well-filled stomach is especially crucial. On the Polarstern, they serve four meals a day, in the mess hall.

For breakfast, there is cereal and freshly baked rolls with various toppings. Lunch is hearty and traditional, featuring stews, meatballs, fried potatoes, and vegetables. Those mindful of the climate should opt for a meatless dish, as plant-based products are more environmentally friendly than animal products.

In the afternoon, there are homemade cakes, coffee, and tea for refreshment. The dinner consists of fresh rolls or bread with cold platters.

When it comes to meals, Thursday is a special day at sea. The Sailor Sunday. On Sailor Sunday, there’s an especially abundant spread, and in the morning, everyone is allowed to choose their favourite egg dish, whether it’s an omelette or sunny-side-up eggs.

Which meal would you choose?