When the researchers of the Polarstern are conducting research in various camps on the ice floe, they are in polar bear territory. To protect the researchers, at least three crewmembers are always on standby as polar bear guards, watching over the research camp. In the event of a polar bear sighting, the research stations on the ice must be evacuated immediately. All people must retreat to the Polarstern.

Curious polar bears have been spotted repeatedly, rummaging through the research stations. To prevent these white giants from causing too much damage, they were deterred with drones, loud noises, and flare guns. In total, there were 67 polar bear sightings during the MOSAiC expedition, including 51 adults and 16 cubs. The research team had to quickly abandon the camp on the ice twice due to the bears.

The MOSAiC expedition logbook also recorded sightings of five seals and seven Arctic foxes.

Polar Bear Search Game

Become a polar bear guard and use the telescope to search for the polar bears hiding all around the room. How many polar bears have you discovered? Alert your research team and record in your research diary how many polar bears you’ve spotted.